Welcome to the Armidale Film Club

The Armidale Film Club at the Belgrave Cinema provides the Armidale community with first class, limited release films (in addition to the Masterpiece program, the Paris Ballet & Operas, Art on Screen and of course the yearly Armidale International Film Festival) - subscribe now to guarantee an exciting cinema experience every month for a year.
Some of our past films we have had the pleasure to feature for the Armidale Film Club have been, Isle of Dogs, Searching, and I Am Not Your Negro.

A subscription to the film club ($90/year) will give you access to the monthly screenings of AFC films - choose between a Monday or a Wednesday night (after 5.30 pm, exact times may vary for each film / day) - you can pick up tickets for your preferred screening up to a week in advance from the cinema or turn up on the night (though no seat can be guaranteed without pre-booking the night).



Current movies scheduled for the Film Club,

February 11th (5:30pm approx) - Can You Ever Forgive Me 
February 20th (7:00pm approx) - Can You Ever Forgive Me

March 18th (5:30pm approx) - Summer 1993 
March 27th (7:00pm approx) - Summer 1993

For more information, visit the Armidale Film Club website.