Get a group of family and friends together and bring them to the cinema!

The cinema provides a great place for any group get-together, from birthdays to a night out with friends and family. For groups of twenty and over, simply speak to our friendly staff, email us at or call 02 6772 2856, and we can discuss ticket prices. 

Fundraising Screening

Want to host a fundraising screening?

What better way to help the community we live in or a cause close to our hearts than to hold a fundraiser. Here is an outline of how The Belgrave Twin Cinema fundraising nights work and how it will benefit your group.

  • The Belgrave holds events Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
  • Ticket prices for the fundraiser are determined by the organiser with $13 being retained by the cinema. 
  • Ticket sales are handled by the cinema with organisers contacting the Belgrave on how to obtain funds raised. 
  • A minimum of three weeks' notice to organise the event. 
  • Special conditions apply for films ordered specifically for the fundraiser with additional costs potentially being incurred. 
  • Only one fundraiser is allowed per new release movie. 
  • Refreshment options are available for the event. Please talk to our staff for more details. 
  • Time is allocated for introductory speeches and Q&A time after the movie, along with microphones and use of PA. These need to be indicated in the initial request.
  • We will be as flexible as possible to help you get the movie you want, when you want it. However, release dates for movies and scheduling can make certain times of year difficult. 


Please understand that the Belgrave reserves the right to authorise the confirmation of events and will not take part in any such fundraiser or event that would break with our standards and ethics.


Making Movie Fundraising easy!

  • To be included in this great fundraising venture simply write an email or come in and see us, to advise the name of a contact person, daytime contact number, what type of movie your group would be interested in, e.g. kids movie, action, drama and a proposed time and date that would be suitable for you.
  • Once we receive your email or verbal request, we will send a confirmation letter.
  • You will be placed on a list and when your turn comes, or a suitable movie is on offer, we will contact you to see if you are interested. We do warn you that you may not receive much notice for the function date. We work with film distributors to confirm the movie dates and times and sometimes this may come with little warning, 2 weeks or less.
  • If you accept the movie we have offered, we will confirm times and dates and will advertise your fundraiser on our cinema program and our regular email to customers. We will issue you with tickets to sell and a list for you to gather email addresses, so we can keep members of your group up to date with what’s on at the movies. If you do not sell all your tickets before the fundraiser, you can sell leftover tickets in the cinema foyer 1 hour prior to your session.
  • We ask that a contact person telephones our Duty Manager at the cinema at least two (2) days before your screening to ensure we have sufficient staff rostered on and to see how your ticket sales are going.
  • On the night of your screening all the tickets you have sold will be collected at the door as people enter the theatre, these tickets will be counted by your representive and the cinema duty manager and you will pay the ticket prices mentioned above. The balance of the funds represents your profit.
  • Due to space restrictions and occupational health & safety guidelines, no food or drink can be served other than through the kiosk or café.

The effort and organisation will pale in comparison to the great evening you will have here at The Belgrave Twin Cinema!

Note: Standard ticket prices may change between the date of lodging your application and the day when the fundraiser is actually held. Peak movie times are not available. No blockbusters. Other conditions apply, please contact us for further information.