Frequently Asked Questions


  • + Who do I talk to about hiring an auditorium at the Belgrave Cinema?

  • To hire the auditorium please fill out this form and one of our team will be with you shortly.



  • + Where can I find the Belgrave Cinema?

  • Belgrave Cinema is located at 137 Dumaresq Street in Armidale, just up the road from the Armidale Ex-Services Club.

  • + What does "No free list" mean?

  • The distributor of a film will stipulate no free tickets on selected films for a set duration.

    This restriction will not apply to the entire season of a film - usually only weeks 1 and 2.

    Check our programme schedule or speak with one of our team to ensure you will not be disappointed.

  • + How do I unsubscribe or change my profile details for Belgrave Cinema newsletter?

  • You can update your email address or unsubscribe by logging into your account, you'll find the "Log In" button in the top right hand corner of the Belgrave home page.

  • + What does "Dolby Digital" sound mean?

  • Dolby technologies put you in the centre of your movie-going experience.

    You will hear five full-range discrete channels, plus a subwoofer channel that covers the bottom one-tenth of the audible range - these are the technologies that create the experience.

    The dynamic range (the ratio of the loudest sounds to the softest) is significant and the full-range surround channels make lifelike special effects possible-think helicopters flying overhead. And the subwoofer sound can often be felt as well as heard.

  • + Why isn't a certain movie playing at Belgrave Cinema?

  • It is our policy to ensure we offer a wide range of films covering most audiences and genres.

    With programming, however, we are governed by the Official release dates of the Distributors films and the number of times that we are required to screen that film per day, and when. This can mean that occasionally we are unable to fit in all the wonderful and diverse content that the community would like to see.

  • + Can I purchase gift vouchers for Belgrave Cinema?

  • Absolutely! Belgrave Cinema offers Adult, Student, Child & Senior Gift Vouchers and can be purchased over the phone or in person.

    We are currently working on an online gift card option - so watch this space!

  • + How long will a movie play at Belgrave Cinema?

  • The length of time any film will play at Belgrave Cinema is based on the amount of business the film generates, contractual obligations and time of the year.

    Basically, the more popular a film is with patrons, the longer it will play. There is no way to predict exactly how long a movie will play.

    Use our website to get information on what films will be playing up to seven days in advance or feel free to reach out to us! 

  • + Can I Advertise on the screen at Belgrave Cinema?

  • Advertising at the cinema is a great place to showcase your brand!

    We advertise in 15, 30 and 45-second blocks and depending on the time of day prices may vary.

    Express your interest today by filling in this form.

    From here all you will need to do is provide our team with the the MP4 of the advert and we can get advertising straight away!

  • + Can I find out which movies will be playing at Belgrave Cinema in advance?

  • Movie schedules are determined on Mondays for films opening on Thursday of the same week.

    Schedules are posted on the Belgrave Cinema website by Tuesday evening and we often have updates on our Facebook

    If you'd like to receive weekly newsletters you can sign up by entering your details at the bottom of our main page. 

  • + Can I advertise on the Belgrave Cinema website?

  • Generally we don't display any advertising on our website unless its to do with a larger event. However, we're always open to ideas.

    PlIf you would like to talk to us about a collaboration please fill in this form and someone from our team will get back to you shortly. 

  • + Does Belgrave Cinema accept group bookings?

  • Group Bookings are a great way for you, your family and friends to see a fantastic film at a discounted rate. 

     For group bookings please fill out this form and one of our team will be with you shortly.

    We do ask that large groups arrive early if sitting together is important.




  • + Can I buy tickets in advance?

  • Yes, you can book as soon as session times are listed on our website, tickets can be purchased online or from the box office in advance of the film's opening.

    We recommend for the most popular films, during the weekends and holidays, that you plan to arrive 20-30 minutes prior to the advertised start time or drop in during the day and purchase early.

  • + Can I buy tickets online for Belgrave Cinema?

  • Absolutely!

    We encourage you to pre-purchase tickets online where possible to ensure a fast and convenient admission when you arrive at the cinema.

    To purchase your tickets simply use the drop down option at the top of this page.

  • + Do Belgrave Cinema accept Eftpos & credit cards?

  • 100% We offer credit card payment online and in store.

  • + Does a ticket ensure a seat reservation?

  • On an every day basis tickets are sold and patrons seated on a "first-in, best dressed".

    We recommend you arrive 20 - 30 minutes before start time so you can select your favourite seat.

     When we host festivals and events we sometimes have seat reservations - you will find this information on your ticket. 

  • + Seizure Warnings

  • Seizure warnings are provided to us by distributors, they are usually placed before a movie if there is a chance that the viewer may be affected by the lights during a segment of a movie. 

    If you're affected by this and need more information, please come and speak to our friendly staff.

  • + Does the Belgrave have Open Captions

  • Yes. The Belgrave is endeavouring to add open captions to all the films we screen which is dependent on the availability with each film we receive.

    Check the website or flyer for selected Open Caption sessions designated with the OC legend. 

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